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ACT Information

The school code for ACT testing for University Academy is 192347

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 All seniors need to take the ACT in October. Juniors may choose to take the ACT in either October or December.

To be considered for stand by testing you need to register online. Please note that you aren't guaranteed a seat when you choose stand by testing.  Find all of that information here.


When you register for the ACT, you will be assigned your ACT ID number. PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL AS WELL. LOFSA (Louisiana Office of Student Financial Aid) Uses  your SSN to match your ACT scores with you High School grades and your TOPS application. Without your SSN on all 3, your TOPS eligibility is unknown. If you didn't provide the information on a previous test or forgot to on your most recent please mail a copy to:

PO Box 91202
Baton Rouge, LA 71821-9202

If you don't include your social security number, it will delay or completely prevent you from TOPS eligibility.


TOPS is a program of state scholarship for Louisiana residents who attend either one of the Louisiana Public Colleges and Universities, Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Louisiana Proprietary and Cosmetology Schools, or institutions that are part of Louisiana Association of Independent=ant Colleges and Universities.

 The 4 award components of the TOPS Program are:
  • TOPS Opportunity Award
  • TOPS Performance Award
  • TOPS Honors Award
  • TOPS Tech Award.

You must first complete a FAFSA to apply for TOPS. Follow the link here.

For your child to qualify for TOPS they must take classes within the TOPS curriculum.
  • If your child will be graduating between the years of 2014-2017 their curriculum is here.
  • If your child will be graduating between the years of 2018 and anything after their curriculum is here.

The amount of money your child receives from TOPS is dependent on their ACT score. You can find the Award amounts here.
If you have any more questions about TOPS the link to the Louisiana Award System is here. They also have a brochure that can be found at this link.

Louisiana Department of Education

Louisiana Believes Website

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