Capital Project

Capital Project

University Academy Bus

Project One: New Bus

As our school continues to grow, new needs arise. We have a larger student body and that leads to larger club numbers and athletic numbers. With this comes the issue of transporting students to events, whether sports or club conventions. A new bus that will hold 65-80 students would be a tremendous asset to the school. To purchase a new bus would cost around $85,000-$130,000. We are searching for a used bus but haven’t had any luck as of yet. If you would like to help with this project, please contact Ms. Loyd at or 318-427-0123. The picture below is a representation of the type of bus we are looking to purchase.

University Academy New School Building

Project Two: New School Building

Come help us grow! Above is a possible rendition of our new facilities. Please consider helping us complete our much needed projects! 

As we move along into our sixth year of opening the doors of University Academy, we look to the future and the direction we are heading. We have managed to add to our growing numbers each year, and now have occupied every inch of Oakland Hall. We desperately need a new modern school building that contains a commons area and a science lab. We want to offer our students the best advantages and education in the Cenla area and we are limited with our facilities. We would need approximately 12-15 million dollars to accomplish this project. We are looking for volunteers to help us raise these funds and/or build a committee to begin fund raising for this project. If you would like to be a part of this team, please contact Ms. Loyd at or 318-427-0123.