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I graduated in the high school Class of 2019 at University Academy of Central Louisiana. My four years there were some of the best I’ve ever had. I was challenged with tough, but fair, curriculums that helped prepare me for my college days. I spent 2 years of my time there in the Dual Enrollment program, achieving an Associate Degree of Science in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. University Academy was an opportunity for me, and it is an opportunity for all of its constituents. University Academy prepared me for the classes that I am taking at my university more so than other freshmen at the university. Thanks to University Academy, I learned how to study and mentally prepare for higher education courses. Not only that, I received many hours of college credit that is now contributing to a 4-year degree at the university which is giving me better flexibility in my schedule. What University Academy did for me the most, however, is giving me the assets to build relationships with my fellow students, faculty, and professors in ways that can help me in the future. University Academy is a school of opportunity, and my enrollment there was one of the best decisions I have made. If you have the drive to succeed, the dream to do what you love, and the courage to push forward, then University Academy is the best choice."

- Benjamin Butter