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Do you know why you should go to University Academy? University Academy is the most elite school there is in Rapides Parish. You can take college courses and earn up to 60 or more credits and also earn an associates degree before graduating high school. They have the best environment for kids to grow, make friends and be the best student they can be while in high school. They have sports ranging from Basketball all the way to Cross Country. They provide ACT prep so you can make the best score you can on the ACT and get into the college of your dreams. Also, they have the "no dress code" rule where you can take a certain amount of college classes and get the rule applied to you. My favorite part of University Academy was taking college courses and making friends and basically just being in high school while being an adult at the same time. This is the perfect environment for kids to grow and learn what they want to do and learn how to get their feet wet and be a college student while also being a high school student at the same time.

- Jalen Granville